New Xbox Nocturnal Vapour Controller | Know Where to Purchase this Exclusive Edition

Xbox Nocturnal Vapour controller

Microsoft has unveiled a fresh iteration of the Xbox Wireless Controller, dubbed the ‘Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition’, boasting a distinct aesthetic reminiscent of a peculiarly brewed hot chocolate blended with sewer water – for those with eclectic tastes, of course. Sporting a swirl design featuring hues of light and dark greens, Microsoft proudly asserts in a recent blog post that each controller’s swirl pattern is unique, echoing similar approaches taken with previous editions like the blue Stormcloud Vapor and the stunning pink and purple Dream Vapor controllers.

In terms of functionality, the Nocturnal Vapor edition maintains the standard features of the Xbox Series X|S variant of the Wireless Controller. It operates on batteries, boasts commendable battery life, supports Bluetooth connectivity, and is compatible with PC gaming. Regrettably, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller doesn’t offer the luxury of such vibrant color options, sticking instead to the more conventional white, black, red, and blue options (or whatever custom design you concoct through the Xbox Design Lab).

If the Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition catches your eye and you’re eager to secure one upon its release, detailed information regarding pricing and purchasing locations for various regions can be found below.

Xbox Wireless Controller Nocturnal Vapor Pre-orders

The Xbox Wireless Controller Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition is set to launch globally on Tuesday, April 9th, priced at the standard rate for special edition Xbox Wireless Controllers: £64.99 / $69.99 / AU$99.95. Currently, the controller is exclusively available through the Official Microsoft Store, which suggests that discounted offers may be scarce.

Pricing by Region:


Xbox Wireless Controller Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition – £64.99 on Microsoft Store UK


Xbox Wireless Controller Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition – $69.99 on Microsoft Store US


Xbox Wireless Controller Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition – AU$99.95 on Microsoft Store AUS

Of course, it’s important to note that this special edition controller offers no additional functionality compared to a standard Xbox Wireless Controller. Thus, if the design fails to captivate your interest, rest assured that there are numerous other controller options available to suit your preferences.

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